Herne Hill Massage 




Herne Hill Massage is the private practice of Helena Znak, a fully qualified and insured massage therapist who offers a tailored whole person approach to each client. The practice offers a variety of body treatments including remedial, sports, and deep tissue, alongside massage treatments for pregnancy, relaxation and detox.


Helena holds a level 5 diploma in Clinical and Remedial Sports Massage. She is a professional member of The Federation of Holistic Therapies (FHT) and The Institute for Soft Tissue Therapists (ISRM).  


'I believe in offering a holistic and individualised approach to each client and their body's unique set of needs. With a background as a health professional, I have a wealth of experience tuning into my client's issues with great empathy. 


Whether injury, ongoing aches and pains or emotional stress, I use a combination of consultation, postural analysis and body work to look at the whole person, which can often lead the client to discovering the real core of the problem. 


My intention is that my clients feel immediate benefit from my work, but also the opportunity to maintain these benefits in an ongoing way. The journey to recovery can require certain lifestyle adjustments, so I support each client's treatment with additional stretching and strengthening exercises to promote and maintain the impact of the treatment beyond the treatment room. 


With a serene treatment room,  full focus and dedication to each client, I aim to offer  support to move toward improved wellbeing.


I see massage as a great investment in longterm health. It's no longer seen as self indulgent, but rather as a preservation of mind and body. You're welcome to message, or call to discuss the ways in which I can assist you in your journey to optimal health and wellbeing.


Life is good with massage 

Sports Massage 

I offer specifically targeted treatments to alleviate tension and stress in soft tissue due to a chronic issue or following an injury. Sports massage can support post injury rehabilitation, aid healing and prevent future injury. 

Sports massage combines deep and light massage techniques with advanced pressure and stretching methods such as Muscle Energy Techniques (MET), Soft Tissue Release (STR)  or Myofascial release.  

As a therapist, I can also advise on lifestyle changes that can support your treatment and help you to maintain a healthy body. 

Pregnancy Massage 

Pregnant mothers benefit greatly from the soothing massage treatments I offer for mother and baby.  Evidence shows enormous benefits to both, including the stimulation of circulation promoting distribution of essential nutrition and fluid to vital organs and placenta, reducing oedema due to promoting lymphatic drainage, releasing the build up muscle tension and compression on nerves. Through pregnancy, massage helps you to prevent the development of varicose veins, inducing deep states of relaxation and more restful sleep.

Research shows that your baby can benefit greatly form massage, as endorphins are released by you during the massage and passed onto your baby. 

Deep Tissue Massage 

Through deep tissue massage we focus on realigning deep layers of muscle and connective tissue. It is especially effective for chronic aches and pains and a specific nagging problem area. General massage strokes are used in a much slower, deeper and focused way in order to reach the sub-layers of muscles and fascia (the connective tissue surrounding muscles). 

When there is chronic muscle tension or an injury, often bands of painful rigid tissue forms in muscles, tendons, and ligaments. These adhesions can block circulation and cause pain, limit  movement and cause inflammation. Through massage and after care I will support you to release the tension and prevent its return with aftercare.



Kinesiology Taping 

In addition to massage, I offer kinesiology taping. This technique can provide support for weak or injured muscles without affecting their normal range of movement and it can support muscles that are tight or overused allowing them to relax.  It can be beneficial in any stage of recovery and is available as a standalone treatment, or in conjunction with massage for best results. 

Relaxing Massage 

I support clients to unwind through relaxation massage. This is a gentle nurturing massage that aims to calm your nervous system, release general muscle tension and bring a state of deep relaxation.  As a therapist, I use light, flowing strokes and the treatment is carried out in my serene treatment room in suburban Herne Hill. 

This treatment is for you if you want to improve on self care, relieve physical or mental stress, or simply just to unwind. 



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